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History of KIDS, Inc.

Seaside Kids, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing healthy, wholesome activity to the youth of the community.  It was organized over 50 years ago and its success can be measured both by its steady growth and increasing public acceptance and support.  All funds for the operation are provided by business and fraternal organizations, parents, interested citizens, and foundation grants. All physical efforts are provided on a voluntary basis.  Our organization currently serve our 600 youth in baseball, softball, 5th and 6th grade football, golf and free swim days.  Past programs have included:  bowling, basketball, gymnastics, wrestling, and track.


Our Mission

Seaside Kids, Inc. mission is to provide facilities for the children and young people living in the general area of Seaside, Clatsop County, Oregon both athletically and socially, and otherwise; to sponsor tournaments, athletic games, dances and other such..."Active Youth Today...Active Leaders Tomorrow!"